Hey, I'm Brad.

I'm an action and portrait photographer, creating authentic imagery of people & sport.

I'm based in Portland, OR, and live with my wife, 3 girls and dog Kodie. I have a passion for the outdoors and love to ski, mountain biking, hike, explore, you name it! I grew up in Scotland, and spent most my childhood on the pitch giving me a deep rooted love of the game (and Celtic F.C!)

My Journey

Born in Angola. Grew up in Europe (Scotland, Belgium, England), lived in Singapore, then moved to Texas in the 9th grade. Eventually found my way to Portland, OR in 1995 for my dream job of working at Nike. After living the dream with the Swoosh for 23 years, working in soccer sports marketing. I'm now pursuing my long standing passion of photography, with a focus on people & sport.